Book Writing Programs

Providing Outstanding Book Writing Programs

Promote Yourself by Authoring a Book

Writing a book makes one the expert. It’s the idiom in the English language known as being “the authority.”
With our help, you could write 10 chapters in 10 weeks using only 10 hours of your time.

With the visibility and credibility of having written a book, you will:

  • Start the
    Referral Machine

  • Attract
    New Clients

  • Select Clients
    More Accurately

  • Easily Get Free Publicity on Radio, TV, and Other Media

People exclaim that a person is an expert by saying “He wrote a book about it!” Write a book and people will instantly believe you to be an expert on that topic.

Our programs are for you if you want to:

  • Upscale the Clients You Attract

  • Create Instant Authority and Prestige

  • Get on the Radio or on TV Talk Shows to Sell Your Service

Scott is a writing coach for all styles, including expository, descriptive (including poetry), persuasive, and narrative.

Writing Samples

These are the writing samples we helped write and rewrite: